Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NHL Playoffs

Everyone including Maggie the monkey has been making playoff predictions, so we here at the Gontlit thought we'd get involved especially since we hate that darn monkey.

Prediction: The Calgary Flames lose in 6 games against the Blackhawks

Prediction: Jarome Iginla and Dustin Byfuglin slap fight like they do in the ghetto

Prediction: Pierre McGuirre will suck off Dion Phaneuf in the first game then make him his Monster of the Night and not stop talking about him.

Prediction: Don Cherry or Mike Milburry will say something un-pc

Prediction: Avery will make a statement saying he wants no part of Dion's new sloppy seconds

Prediction: Mcguirre's feelings will get hurt, but he's a professional and will work through the pain.

Prediction: The Western Confernce finals will see Chicago against St. Louis

Prediction: Take it off for Kippersoff will make a comeback

Prediction: The redmile will be slut central and our friend Trent will try and find a drunk girl to Pierre Mcguirre him.

Prediction: Flyers win the cup

Lets hear your predictions in the comment section!

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