Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Methodones Clinic need some helps

I has had the last straws with this methodones problem Mr. Andre Chabot is mading, what to do with these 500 patient now? Last tuesdays the citieses suddivision and developmentals board was uphelding a city directive ordering the clinic to moves from northeast place but now they is just shutting the doors on these patient who addict to heroins and morphiner instead of trying to reducing the cravements and withdrawl symp-toms. Yeah that gonna works like a frog droving a golf carts acrosses some jungle. Sad day for Calgary and people who relies on methadone treatment. Yeah, way to go, Andre Chabot!

The clinics needs some helps desperatley, just one day off the smacks could set back these patient many month in treatments costing the methodones guys tons of moneys. My solutions is quite simple. Make a methadones blimp and has it land about once a hour at some streets and it can picks up some of the patient and take them up high in sky to get high on the less addiction methodones. Then when they are not high they is taken down and dropped off. Simple. This is my solutions and this is what Mr. Andre Chabot is not listening with.

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