Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A sad day in Wikipedia vandalism history

Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, built largely on the contributions of "volunteers", plans to increase policing by actually hiring editors and moderators. "Finally, I can shove that bullshit response, of how not to cite wikipedia on my term papers down my professors throat" says Second year English Student Farouq M.

This news comes just 1 week after a high tech brute force multi-computer attack on the Free enclyclopedia. It is reported that Gontlit agents altered over 100 Wikipedia articles (dozens still go unnoticed LOL) for maximum hilarity and to shamelessly plug their blogpaper. This news unfortunatley signals the end of an era for wikipedia vanadlism as it will become increasingly difficult to create or edit stories. With this sad news comes more sad news as many unpaid upper echelon volunteers or "editors" will be relieved of their duties. Our hearts and prayers go out to the C.Fred family.

In memory of the happy fun times altering wikipedia articles here is this writers favourite article found on the University of Calgary article for a period of 2 weeks. (click on the picture to read it in full).

In the Comment section, please tell us about your wiki-vandalism adventures.


Anonymous said...

read the history of edits on fluxblog

Anonymous said...

omg lol. I would have shit my pants if I read that dogs thing on the U of C wikipedia page.

Anonymous said...

On the page of pornstar Nikki Benz "

Toonie Tuesdays:

On most Tuesdays of the year Nikki sits on her front porch with a handcrafted sign which reads "Toonie Tuesdays" to which she offers all of her "ammenities" for the low low price of only two canadian dollars.[4]

and the reference was, "The answer is... a legit wikipedia reference. What is I had sex with Nikki 4 times and for only 8 dollars--- Alex Trebek