Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MSN INTERVIEW #1 Luke Valentine

In an attempt to try and gain some credibility with the more serious reader demographic we've began a new section of the blogpaper called, MSN INTERVIEW, where we interview key figures at the University of Calgary using MSN messenger and ask some real hardball questions. For the very first MSN interview we spoke with socialite Luke "Gold Pants" Valentine about losing last years election, gay politics, gay politics, and spreading yourself thin.

We had a few zingers planned, like when Luke spoke of how he wasn't planning on getting back into SU politics we were all saying, "Why Luke, did the SU leave a bad taste in your mouth? Why didn't you just tell them to eat more pineapple and try again...." but because of Luke's difficult last few days we decided to be more respectful. Enjoy the Interview and if you'd like to be interviewed or know someone that you'd like to be interviewed leave a comment below!

If you have trouble reading the MSN convo and you are going to on this page... simply click on the video and you'll be taken to our Youtube page for better viewing.


Anonymous said...

next time make sure the text is bigger that was painful to read.

Anonymous said...

On what basis do you bring up Luke's sexual orientation? You just cite some anecdotal claim that people didn't support him because of his sexual orientation without any sort of factual support.

Gondi said...

We had a preinterview, it was deemed alright to talk in that direction.

See: The Luke Valentine Dick posters that said things like, "mmmmmm" that were posted around campus or real posters that were vandalized. There was obvious hate going on, we can joke about it here, but its sad its a real occurance in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

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