Thursday, April 9, 2009

Student Garden has community flavour

A team of Haskayne School of Business students received a $10,000 prize from Ernst & Young LLP to implement the community garden plan they developed for Your World, Your Vision, a competition that challenges students to improve their communities in the areas of education, entrepreneurship or the environment. The winning project was a community naturalization garden project for Forest Lawn Estates.

The garden will feature a community flavour of crops including carrots, radishes, among other things. "Forest Lawn is known for its vegetation, so we wanted to build upon this great tradition" said Brittany Ma chairman of this project. Greenhouses and Hydroponic farms all over the community have been closing down for various reasons, making it very difficult for the community to sustain itself, forcing members to look outside the district for their needs. "It's all about localization" smiled Ma.

"Not only is this a great endeavour for the people of Forest Lawn, but it also provides great opportunity for the students of Haskayne. With a healthy crop and decent weather, fingers crossed, we can turn this 10,000 start up into a multi-million dollar enterprise." Said Connor Berg a third year student of Managerial business. When asked about the huge profit margins, Connor laughed and said that this reporter smelt like bacon. "Lets just say, we're really diversifying"

Berg says that while the garden should be ready by mid may, he's been growing product in his basement, so you can come over to the garden any time after 1 AM and buy a few grams of delicious garden fresh produce.


Anonymous said...

Dan! You rotten turncoat.

Anonymous said...

I <3 Forest Lawn.

And its produce.

Daniel Pagan said...

What the fuck? I don't recall writing this article at all and I hasn't signed up. I thought the Gontlit didn't want me in the first place?

I recall getting a message like this from "The Gontlit" last Thursday: "Yes but we no longer accept Gauntlet swine to write for us, what with the paper war and all."

Anonymous said...

That explains why this story was actually funny.