Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gontlit prepares for worst

The Gontlit is slowly preparing for the worst as the paper war looms on. Wars are won through people and money, so today, we added both.

There are two new staff writers for the Gontlit, Dan Pagan and Ho Chi Thang. We really think you guys are going to like them. They offer two really different perspectives and will make a fine addition to the Gontlit fam. Dan is an experienced writer for the punk ass gauntlet and Ho Chi is Vietnamese 1st year student of Veterinary.

We also have some bad news, too fight this paper war, we're going to need the financial power of a mega-paper conglomerate like the Gauntlet, so we started selling ad space around campus. We promise this will not affect your reading pleasure.


Anonymous said...

dan pagan is a useless piece of human filth. i'm sure that gauntlet is sure to see his unfunny, useless piece of crap writing abandoned by the wayside like so many unwanted babies.

Gondi said...

Wow lol!

Umm... so what do you think of the other writers for the Gontlit so far? I believe there are 6 or 7 so far.

Any ideas on how to ensure you come back every day?