Friday, April 10, 2009

The Free People's Elected Democratic Social Republic of Referendums

What's wrong?

The capitalists at the SU have decided to use their elitist powers to control the university agenda once again, this time giving themselves more power to choose which questions would be on a referendum. Once again, the proletariat are blinded by the SU's claim of representation. Once they've usurped power, they aren't going to let it go.

What can be done?

Revolution of course! It has always been a struggle to defeat the bourgeoisie and reclaim our rightful place. The room they vote in only accommodate the elites. Their offices look better. They've got all the money to advertise their "right to limit referendums." What do we have? 2/10 working microwaves, ugly seats in the empty space, and overcrowded spaces in Mac Hall? The SU has cunningly made "upgrades" to our great People's Hall by upgrading the stage. For themselves. Who uses the stage to eat lunch?

Sex Week?

What is this? What are these people up to? In the good old days, men and women kept to themselves and sex stayed in the bedroom. None of this cultural/social degeneration... we must protect our children from this capitalist, socially-demeaning organization called the SU. Not a union in my books.


We cannot wait for people to "vote". What a cop-out to say that they were democratically elected with 13,5% of the vote and a trend of incumbency. Meet me in Mac Hall April 10th, 2011 for a revolution that will sweep the halls. The downfall of the SU will bring a better Free People's Elected Democratic Social Republic of the Unicommunitarian Students.


We will throw our shoes, then proceed to rickroll them, then proceed decorate the statue by placing a face of Stalin on it. Glory for the Motherland.

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pastafarians unite