Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dinos Hockey

Dinos Hockey coach Mark Howell made an announcement today that ROCKED the University hockey world. He announced that his coaching staff shall consist of 2 former hotshot NHL'ers, Cory Cross and Brad Isbister. Both Assistant Coaches were moderate successes in the show racking up a combined 333 points in 23 seasons and now will take on the coaching duties of a struggling underachieving Universiade team bound to be a bottom feeder. Cory is most notably known as the former Flame who blew his assignment and let the opposition score 5 goals in one game to let the Flames lose in the Playoffs.

Calgary Flames GM Darryl Sutter spoke at a press conference today about his former player, Cory Cross, "Why'd you turn against me, Cory? For years, I taughtcha how to skate, I taughtcha how to score, I taughtcha how to go for the "W". You could have been one of the greats! An' now look at yourself. You're not even a has-been. You're a never-was".

When asked about Sutters comments, Cross said, "Look, I'm here to serve out my time, I'm not here to teach these kids anything about the game or life, or learn about life lessons from the kids. This isn't no disney movie. I hate Students, their barely humans."

It is rumoured that Cross and Isbister will be fufilling their community service mandate by coaching the Dinos. When Cross and Isbister met the team today they realized the team has no practice facility or equipment and are could be the worst and most unathletic team ever... Can they turn things around in time for the season opener? Will Cory Cross learn something about himself from the players? We'll find out soon sportsfans.

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