Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Recession takes its toll

The Recession continues to take its toll on the Country, but a little bit more close to campus, the effects have begun to spiral out of control. Just outside the MacEwan student center four down and out of luck students joined the fight against homelessness by pretending to be homeless, unfortunately for them on the very first night, another group of students joined the fight against the homeless.

At around Midnight last night, a group of two individuals known to authorities only as "at large", stood up to the Recession in the only way they knew how; they filmed bums fighting each other and would post it on the internet.

Jesse Zuntig one of the students impersonating the homeless from April 6th to 10th, wasn't sure about the late night proposition of a can of Del Monte fruit salad and 4 dollars in change but as he said "We had an obligation to the real homeless people of our city, we swore to be real, so it got real."

The fight of the night had Jesse squaring off against fellow member Caitlin Wharton, while female versus male "bum fights" are not of the norm, they are by far the most engaging for the internet audience. "I like to pretend they had a little tramp marriage ceremony, and live in a little tramp house, and every now and then they fight like little tramp married people" said Internet used PSCR00 on the website, THEOTHERUBC.com.

Controversy surrounded the entire fight as it was believed that Jesse Zuntig had been given money to take a dive, but speculation soon died down when Zuntig stood over the bloody body of his group member, with his eye blackened, and lip severely cut, holding a large can of Del Monte fruit salad and 2 exceptionally shiny toonies over his head, and as can be seen on the video dubbed, "The Brawl by Mac Hall", shouted to the heavens, "I did it ma, I did it". Zuntig later explained what he said to the men trying to bet against him, "You think I don't understand I aint nothin? I get it I aint worth nothin, but the only way I'm gonna lose is if someone beats me".

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