Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Gontlit Contest!

The Gontlit has grown at an alarming pace with over 1,000 unique visitors in under a months time. It is believed by many that the Gontlit is not done growing and to further its growth spurt many high ranking editors at our offices have begun a guerrilla marketing campaign. We're already on facebook and twitter but we've been planning a poster party! That's right a party of posters. We're creating all types of fun and interesting posters to cover the walls of the U of C and surrounding areas, but we need your help so we're having our first ever contest! Actually... we're holding two:

Poster Contest: One $20 Blockbuster Gift certificate will be awarded to the reader who Creates the best "Gontlit" poster

Picture Contest: One $20 Home Depot gift card will be awarded to the reader who sends in a picture of themselves with something Gontlity in view (ideas include: Sitting in front of a computer screen, standing in front of a poster, peeing on the Gauntlet)

You can post your entries in the comment section, or email us at
Winners will be chosen on May 7th. *Be advised that in order to claim your prize you will have to pick up your own prize. (We will buy them online and they will be ready for in store pickup). Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

more fucking posts less fucking contests