Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Gauntlet has been thrown; Newspaper War looming

Just days after The Gontlit: University of Calgary's only and most balla blogpaper released its first news article (MASS EFFECT), the nationalist media conglomerate known as The Gauntlet sent a formal warning to our Editor in Chief demanding that the Gontlit delete all of its news stories immediately or face serious consequences. The warning was a 843 word email from, written in perfect english. It was replied to with this 7 word response;

"Dear EIC,


yours truly,

Joseph Stalin"

While the threats from the News giant are serious, writers at the most balla news publication site ever have all sworn to not back down no matter how serious things get, "shit just got real" said Optimus Prime, "one paper must stand, one paper must fall but one thing remains certain the news will not stop."

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Anonymous said...

post the letter or it didn't happen